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815 Cajundome Blvd.

Lafayette, LA 70506


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The first time I was introduced to Crossfit in 2009 I was just trying it in a regular gym and didn’t really know what I was doing besides the workout “Barbara” and most of the times I had done it I could only get through three rounds and I definitely did not have great form on anything.


I eventually tried to go to a real CrossFit gym in 2011 and ended up having a bad experience, got Rhabdo and was convinced CrossFit wasn’t for me.


Tried to pick up ice hockey and really liked it I just wasn’t very good, so I thought I’d try CrossFit again and see if I can get in better shape to play Hockey. Once I eased into it and found out that CF wasn’t out to kill me I really enjoyed it and stuck with it, I cannot say the same for Ice Hockey.


I’ve been Coaching since 2012 and have really been enjoying it, I love to teach and convince people to try something they’ve never done before. To see someone prove themselves wrong in the gym goes a long way not only for them physically but mentally. 

I love to talk about the “Why?” of CrossFit, explaining that these functional movements in a constantly varied pattern when done correctly at a high intensity can drastically benefit someone’s life. Teaching people about proper diet and how eating certain foods can make their body react, also what their body needs and doesn’t need! 












Sidelined to Coaching, I do enjoy to compete a little. I qualified and competed at the 2016 United States of America Weightlifting competition in Orlando, FL. I also competed in the 2017 CrossFit South Regional as an individual after getting invited, placing 24th in the Open. 


I’m lucky and extremely happy to be a part of the Ragin CrossFit Team, we are always striving and trying to be better than we were yesterday as a gym, as a coaching staff, as a business and also as friends and mentors to each other and our members. 


Favorite Workout: Fran 1:58


Certifications: CF-L1, CF-L2, Crossfit Weightlifting. 


Favorite Activities Outside of the Gym: Watching the Office and quoting it with my friends. 

"We all want to live a long life, but it should be a quality one! Living as fully and capable as we want to be until time is up."