"My favorite part about coaching is being able to make a difference in people’s lives and see them achieve goals, one after another."


Coach Max started Crossfit a little over a year ago and has not stopped the process since then. After half a year of being at Ragin’, Max decided to get his coaching certification. Max is a Sophomore at ULL, studying in the field of Kinesiology. Max has competed in two competitions, one being the 2017 Ragin’ Games, and hopes to compete in many more. Max loves being able to be a coach our members at Ragin’ and enjoys helping make a difference in their lives.

Favorite Life: Snatch (PR #235)

Favorite workout: Fran (2:16)

Certifications: CF Level 1

Favorite Activities Outside of the Gym: Spending time with his Golden Retriever, Oliver


815 Cajundome Blvd.

Lafayette, LA 70506


(337) 408-3939