December 29, 2015

December 28, 2015


Skill: pullups

Amrap in 10 min:
-10 pullups
-20 wallballs
-30 double unders

ATTENTION!!!! It is that time of year again. The time where we get back on track inside and out of the gym! On Monday January 4th, we will begin a 30 Day Whole Food Partner Challenge. What does that mean? This means for 30 days you will really dial in on what you put into your body. You will think about each meal ahead of time and really plan out your week. You will have a partner who you will hold accountable while they do the same for you!! I guarantee 100% after getting through this challenge you will have a different outlook on nutrition. We will be emailing out the packets as you register at the gym and from there you will print out your packet and follow the directions. Each person will put up $20. This will get you measurements, before and after pics, accountability, and a chance to win some really cool prizes. Last years winners each received a free Month and 2nd and 3rd place received gift cards to reebok! Here is a little bit of an overview on how the challenge works:

What: 30 Day whole food partner challenge. If you cheat, your partner suffers!!!
When: January 4th - February 2nd
Who: Anyone who is a current member at Ragin CrossFit
Why: Learn and train yourself to make healthier decisions and maybe win some cool stuff along the way!!
We will have more info posted at the gym with more specific details on what is considered whole foods and what is not!!!
Whole foods: Chicken, beef, apples, grapes, almonds
Not whole foods: Cereal, bread, potato chips, anything from Lil Deb

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