January, 11, 2016

Monday 3 rounds: -5 snatches (135/95) -10 Box jumps (24/20) 2 min row (600/500) -2 min rest (Remember the key to these workouts are to push pretty hard each round but also to get faster on each row. Better athletes should shoot for 600M/500M each round. So an example would be 604,606,610. Getting a little faster each round. This will teach you how to pace during a wod

Congrats Curt and Maura on making the first Member of the Month for 2016!!! Very well deserved! Here is their story: Maura: Since I started Crossfit, I can do so much I never thought I was capable of doing. I have always loved pushing my limits, but I was really getting bored with my at-home workouts. Before starting at Ragin, I had never deadlifted over 200 pounds, or lifted more than a 35 pound barbell over my head. Now, these are second nature. Crossfit has enabled me to conquer a 26 mile backpacking trip through the Andes - something I would have never been able to push myself to do with regular home workouts. Curt: Crossfit had been on my mind for well over a year before I took the plunge at Ragin. I was apprehensive because of the time and cost commitments, but after two and a half years, it has been time and money well invested. I tried P90X, body weight exercises, and regular gyms - all with results, but they are nowhere near the quality and fun that you would experience doing Crossfit. Out of the handful of boxes I have travelled to around the country, no one does it quite like Ragin. For me, Crossfit is about functional movement practice. Today, I want to be strong, flexible, and ready to say “yes” to anything - whether it be skiing, rock climbing, or football. In 50 years, I want to be able to pick up heavy things without falling apart. With Crossfit, we can do both. Both: While our fitness goals are different, our experiences at Ragin have been extraordinary. The community atmosphere and coaching staff are incredible. We look forward to many more years of forging elite fitness.Thank you Ragin Crossfit,Curt and Maura Hayes

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