June 13, 2016

Monday 1-1-1-1-1 Snatch (Find 1RM) 4 rounds: -500 M sprint on rower *1:30 rest between rounds or rest while partner rows for bigger classes Do not think of todays wod just as a row. Think of it as a way to train yourself mentally as well as physically. If you complete this workout the right way you should feel as if you may have to hang out for a while before you drive home. If you finish and you feel as if you did not get that great of a workout then you did not push yourself hard enough. After each row you should feel as if there is no way you can do that again. But after your rest is up you will be ready to go again......So DO NOT skip today just because we aren't doing a "WOD" per say. We will also be finding a one rep max as well which is very important to see how you have progressed over the past 6 weeks!!

Two very hard working people right there!!! Congrats you two very well deserved.

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