September 13, 2016

Tuesday For time: 5K run

Here is why you SHOULD NOT skip today. Not too many people get excited to come to the gym to run 3 miles. We get it. It sucks. Especially if you are going to go as fast as you can. But think about why you started CrossFit in the first place. To challenge yourself. To get better. To do things you thought were not possible. Today is no different. If you skip today because its hot, or because you just don't feel like running, you are cheating yourself. I want to challenge everyone, especially those who do not like to run (and I know who you are). Set yourself a goal. Bring some headphones. Get ready to push yourself and do things you did not think were possible. I will make a deal. Our Tuesday attendance the past month has averaged 100 people. If we can get 115 people here to run this 5 K, I (Coach Hohle) will do the remainder of my 1000 burpees (roughly 700 with a 20 lb vest). We hope to see EVERYONE!!!

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