September 26, 2016

September 25, 2016

We will be closed this coming Friday September 30 due to Ragin Games which will be taking place this Saturday October 1st.  We will be moving all the rubber mats, equipment, etc.  If you would like to come by and lend a hand let Coach Jeremy know 3377390442 
We will post a wod that will involve no weights that everyone can do at home!!


1-1-1-1 Clean and Jerk
(Work up to a 1 RM)

amrap in 9 min:
-60 double unders
-30 Burpees

We've captured this elusive creature once again outside of his natural habitat. Here he is seen doing another metcon. We had to make sure to stay out of sight bc he seems to get a bit angry when there are no weights in his hands.  


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